Supporting the children of Honduras
and their families since 1973
Loading Day 2010

The Year it Rained a BitMarch 2010 saw another excellent loading day. The weather could have been better as we had a certain amount of rain during the day which made loading more difficult and a damp cargo. It was however mild which made it reasonably comfortable.

We started setting up at seven thirty and most people followed at eight. Soon the static container had been unloaded and the unit was well underway. The containers already had some of their load already on board as the heavy items and palletised food had been fork lifted onto the lorries the previous afternoon. TDG used their forklift to load the stoves, pallets of food, the IBC, dentist chair etc onto the containers.

By mid morning the yard was busy with 141 people. Stacking, loading or preparing our mid morning bacon cob. By lunchtime the containers were about half full. The excellent lunch provided by a large number of individuals was indeed a feast. Hot potatoes were collected during the morning from several homes.

It was soon back to work, it looked as though the containers would be full in very short time but the last third of the containers contain all the items we need to send without an easy packing structure to follow.

The four containers were eventually all closed and sealed ready for collection on Monday morning. 8430 items were loaded between the containers. Each item individually numbered and recorded by the tally person assigned to each container.

Well done to everyone who took part in making the day the success it was. Everyone worked hard and there was a great team spirit. We were again blessed with the help of many people in the twenty and thirty age groups who have an energy that many of us envy. They also make the day fun with their enthusiasm.

The containers sailed from Tilbury on the Wednesday and the expected date of arrival is 23rd April. It then takes about two weeks to clear customs and be unloaded in two different locations in the capital Tegucigalpa. They are then collected by the twenty different ministries who receive and distribute the items we send. These stretch from the north to south coast of Honduras with many being in the area around the capital.

Each year we reach more and more of the very poor people who need our help the most in Honduras. Together we are making a difference to many lives and the education of hundreds of children.

A big thank you from CH Trust.

Loughborough University Taekwondo Club chaining out items for the containers.Looking out across the yard from North containers to South.Trying to avoid the rain.Buckets & Wood!Chaining items as a press photographer checks his work.Emptying the bays.Chairs for even the smallest!Chaining items with an audience!Progressing items up to the North containers.Keeping everything on pallets, to keep it dry, off the wet ground.Always a tight pack.