Supporting the children of Honduras
and their families since 1973
Latest News
  • Droughts to Floods - Damage and delivery.
  • 1000 Food Bags - We deliver the first 1000 food bags to families in great need.
  • Lockdown in Honduras - A lesson to appreciate the conditions of our UK lockdown.
  • Lenca Distribution - Distribution of food and trees to the Lencas prior to the Covid-19 lockdown.
  • Seeds in supported schools.
  • Food bags given to families at El Tablon and Jenny Smith's School.
  • School Christmas Parties at Chiquistepe, El Macuelizo, Guanacaste and Sabaneta.
  • Newsletter October 2019. The latest newsletter is now available for download: here.
  • Jenny Smith School. Start of the construction of a school in memory of Jenny Smith (An important part of CHTrust).
  • Newsletter May 2019. The latest newsletter is now available for download: here.
  • Medical Brigade (Getting medical aid and attention to remote mountainous areas.)
  • The Moringa Tree (How the Moringa tree can help Honduras avoid soil erosion and provide the populatation with much needed vitamins.)
  • Reforestation (How CHTrust is helping Honduras recover from a devastating pine beetle infestation.)
  • Currently the best source for news about CHTrust is our newsletters. We have been doing them since 1984 and those from 2001 are available in PDF format (Usually between 10 and 20 pages with images). CHTrust Newsletters ...
Who We Are

Children of Hondruas Trust is a charity which was started in 1973 and over those 40 years we have sent out almost 100 containers worth of supplies.
These supplies are second hand clothes, shoes, school uniforms, food, medicines, computers, educational supplies, tables, chairs and other things too numerous to list.
This has improved the nutrition and access to education for thousands of children.

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Honduras is an extremely poor developting country, with little paid work and no state help. This means that if you can't earn some money, you can't eat and neither can your children.
Education is the best way to help the future of a country, but it is difficult to learn if you can't attend school or are too hungry to learn.

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Our Ethos

Over this time, we have grown a loyal group of supporter due to our approach of having no paid staff and minimal expenses. It is important to us that when people give, they know that nearly all of what they donate goes towards what they are donating to.
Less that 2% of what we raise goes towards optional costs (In 2014, this was the cost of catering for the volunteers on loading day and the cost of printing the newsletters (Which are done at cost.)
This is a charity which is run out of a living room, not because it is too small, but because it keeps costs down.
Most of what we send is donated and when we do have to buy things, where possible, it is bought whilst on sale. This includes school uniforms, pasta and tinned food.

Current Projects