Supporting the children of Honduras
and their families since 1973
What is it?

Your £60 donation will provide a school manual, shoes, uniform, rucksack and school supplies.
For the older children, who attend college in the city, we also give help towards bus fares and, if necessary, an inexpensive watch.

Why it is important

Education in Honduras is not compulsory but is recognized as a very valuable opportunity which, due to the high hidden costs involved, is often denied to children who do not have access to outside help. It is these children that we try to help with sponsorship.
In Honduras the school year runs from February to November. Although education ‘free’ in Honduras, it is only accessible to those children who have a school uniform along with the required books and stationary.

How to donate

There are two options available:
A) Sponsorship for a full year (£60) or
B) A half-year option (£30) where, to cover the year, we match 2 sponsors to the same child.
For more on how to donate, please visit our donations page: Donations


Boys_sewing CHTrust providing cereal in state schools First ever finger painting Football equipment in Guanacaste Girls making braid Ready for school Sponsored_school_children Children with their sponsorship satchels and school supplies